Gift baskets with the best tools and products for horses and their riders


For inspection ready clean tack and boots

Add polish and shine to your ring presentation


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For Warm Weather Comfort

When cool, soothe, protect and refresh is the order of the day.




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To be her barn and horse show best

 Mom’s just want to be ready so take care of your Mom

with the things to be at her barn and horse show best.



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pony pal tote

A Pony’s Best Friend

The most favorite things every pony’s pal wants for their pony pal.



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Mini Tack Trunk Tote

Ready, Set, Go!

 All the basics to groom & clean tack.

For camp, for riding lessons, to horse show. 

Our tack trunk in a tote.


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If moms happy we’re all happy…click on image to enlarge

The things mom needs for her horse show comfort

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Some of Our Favorite


Bright colored boot socks and a light green shed flowers,
Wonderful brushes for good grooming power,
Effol and Soothex, Corona and more….
these are a few of our favorite things.

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From a Satisfied Customer

I received this email from a friend to whom I had sent one of your baskets: 'Thank you so much for the gift basket. It was really cute and actually had a lot of stuff I could use!! I will be ordering from them in the future for horsey friends.' Just thought I'd pass along the compliment.

- Vivian, Butte, MT


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